ZL Bracket for Inward Door

Item No.: ACM Y280ZL/ACM Y180ZL/ACM Y350ZL/ACM Y50
ZL Bracket for Inward Door

1. It is made of two parts and it is used on the inward door.
2. ACM Y280ZL/ACM Y180ZL/ACM Y350ZL/ACM Y500ZL are for your choice.
3. High Strength Aluminum is the main constitute.
Product Parameter Parameter Description
Dimension L:170x38x29(mm) Z:130x37x38(mm) (Y-180ZL)
L:250x47x28(mm) Z:180x50x50(mm) (Y-280ZL)
L:285x54x31(mm) Z:189x57x50(mm) (Y-350ZL)
L:265x76x45(mm) Z:180x60x61(mm) (Y-500ZL)
Material High Strength Aluminum, Sandblast Finished
Suitable Narrow Door
Opening Mode 90 Degree Door
Finished for Shell Anodized aluminum
Weight 0.4kg/0.75kg/0.82kg/1.3kg